BioPerine® —Nature's Own Supernutrient
Bioavailability Enhancer and Thermonutrient
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BioPerine® Book

This book from Sabinsa is yet another validation of traditional medicinal values of black pepper, in particular its chief chemical constituent piperine, in a most systematic and scientific way. We are assured that this book will rekindle your interest in this magnificent spice from India, owing to newly-found knowledge of health-promoting benefits of BioPerine® all over again, which make the "king of spices" a "king of supernutrients" also.

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Authors & Editors Include:

Muhammed Majeed PhD, Ph.D Kalyanam Nagabhushanam, Ph.D. Lakshmi Mundkur

M. Sc. Smitha Thazhathidath,M. Pharm. Mahesh Pschapur, Ph.D T. Samuel Manoharan