Scientific Principles and Traditional Wisdom

The Forces Behind America’s Finest, Inc.

America’s Finest, Inc. offers two complementary lines of dietary supplements: AFI ingredient-specific dietary supplements & Sanutra Wellness condition-specific dietary supplements. These innovative lines of dietary supplements combine the rich traditional wisdom with that of the latest scientific research and manufacturing methodology.

Modern healthcare has been inspired by combining technological advancement in ancient herbal traditions and scientific research in health and nutrition to ensure health maintenance.

Modern healthcare is a concept which has been inspired by technological advancement and scientific research to insure accurate and consistent treatment to restore health. It is based on the treatment of the symptoms or the manifestations of a disease by producing outcomes opposite from those of the disease itself.

On the one hand, Modern healthcare has shown dramatic results through its emphasis on science and research. On the other hand, Ayurveda has proven that through herbal and nutritional supplements human beings can maintain and/or restore balance for optimum wellness.

A team of scientists and researchers are involved in the formulation of the two lines of dietary supplements, which combines science and tradition – science for proven results and tradition for optimizing health and quality of life.

Science and tradition should not be adversarial, but mutually supportive, assuring the consistency and efficacy of time-tested solutions for optimal health. At America’s Finest, Inc. we provide the best of both worlds with safe, innovative and beneficial approaches to personnel health care. America’s Finest, Inc. products are a new class of dietary supplements designed for a modern approach to the traditional quest for optimum health.

At America’s Finest, Inc. Modern Healthcare Meets the Science of Life.